WFA committee members are often asked, "Why should I be a member of the Wood Flooring Association?" If you are wondering the same thing, please read on and check the list of advantages and services enjoyed by members.

  1. Being a member entitles you to a 25% discount on report costs. The fee for a regular report is $800.00 with a member discount of $200.00, this alone makes the membership cost of $295.00 per year tremendous value. New members should note that, to be eligible for the 25% discounted report, there is a 3 month waiting period from time of joining. A WFA report is an independent assessment based on standards and events. (Limit of 2 discounted reports per year apply- more details seeInspector Reports).
  1. WFAhas in place a system of member assessment. This means that members can be confident that all other members meet similar skill levels and professional business standards. Assessment is a requirement of membership.
  1. Newsletters are sent electronically to all members. This contains helpful hints and advice, notification of events and any new developments to keep members up to date on the state of the industry and events in WFA. Free advertising is available for the sale or purchase of timber flooring equipment.
  2. A monthly “Tip of the Month” bulletin is also sent to all members. Tip of the Month contains technical or business tips or information to help you make the most of yourWFA membership.
  1. WFA has available to members in Victoria a standard Terms and Conditions document that they may adopt in full or in part as required. Use of the standard Terms & Conditions document is subject to the accompanying disclaimer.
  2. All members’ businesses are promoted by the WFA via the website and also a display poster at The Timber Hub in Blackburn, Victoria. The poster features a QR code so those with smart phones can be directed to the member list on the website.
  1. A members’ website provides forum for members to communicate with one another as well as a range of technical data sheets to assist with specific flooring issues and common difficulties.
  2. Regular business breakfasts are held to enable networking with colleagues and an opportunity to share valuable information and experiences. Breakfasts often feature a guest speaker or a discussion forum focusing on a common business issue. Breakfast meetings are free to members – even more value for your annual subscription.
  3. Constant efforts are made to find and offer opportunities to members either with timber flooring products or timber floor services or suggestions on business management. Our Corporate members offer great service, active assistance and professional standard products.
  4. All WFA committee members are wood flooring professionals with many years’ of experience and are willing to offer their expertise to members – all you have to do is call.

It is the constant endeavour of the voluntary committee to provide a service oriented professional organisation that directly benefits all members in the industry in order to raise standards, profile and skills.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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