Timber Floor Choices

Selecting the flooring system that best suits your needs can be a complex task. Sales people will have their favorite products and recommendations often rely heavily on the experience of the person offering them. In short, there are literally hundreds of products, brands, systems and options from which to choose.
To make your purchasing decision a little easier, we recommend taking the following steps:

Understand Your Needs
What is the intended use of the floor you need, how long do you expect your floor to last? What type of and how much foot traffic will the floor be exposed? What are your maintenance expectations? All questions that need to be explored before you purchase.

Convey Your Needs Clearly To Your WFA Member
It is important that your WFA Member understands your specific needs prior to making a recommendation. Your WFA Member should then explain the pros and cons of the recommended system based on the information you have provided.

Don't Shop On Price Alone
Remember that the cheapest price will often ensure that you get the cheapest product or workmanship. With timber flooring, you really do get what you pay for!
Set Your Expectations
It is important that you are clear about what to expect from your new timber floor in terms of appearance and performance. It is best to ensure that your expectations are not set too high, or too low!

Look Closely At Warranties
Read terms and conditions of warranties offered carefully. There are many warranties that are "self voiding" in that conditions of the warranty are often unreasonable or difficult to comply with. It is also best to do some research on the company offering the warranty.

Check References
Remember that trades people will only give you the best customers as references. Ask to speak to the last two clients that a company worked for and call them for a reference.

Choose A Wood Flooring Association (WFA) Member
WFA Members are independently audited bi-annually in an attempt to ensure that all WFA Members provide the highest quality product and service.

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